Now You See Me!

International Public Art Short Film Contest 2nd Edition

What is Public Art?

Do you live near a work of public art?

Can you see one from your bedroom window?

Do you pass by one on your way to work?

Is there one you like in particular?

If the answer is yes, send us a short film about it!

If the answer is no, find one quickly and send us a short film about it!


The Contest

As film has become a mean of intuitive expression accessible to everyone, we invite the general public to discover the world of Public art around them, to be inspired by them and to turn their feelings and thoughts into short films.

On the local level, we believe that it would make people more familiar with works of public art around them. On the global level, it would emphasise the fact that public art is a world phenomena and that works of public art exist all around the globe.

Our aims are to raise awareness to this aspect of our urban life, to render these works of Art more visible and to create a stronger affinity between the public and public Art. We endeavour to promote the reflection of the public, especially of the younger generation, about the important role public art plays in our urban daily life.

As it is today's younger generation who will be responsible of the protection and conservation of these works of Art in the years to come, they constitute our first port of call. We also believe that by engaging their talents and skills, we will create a cutting-edge thought-provoking collection of short films.

A jury of world-acclaimed film makers and artists will choose the best films. These films will be screened at the Louvre museum as part of its prestigious Journées internationales du Film sur l’art (International Days of Art Films) in January 2017.


2017 Edition

Deadline: 30th September 2016


To be announced soon

Steering Committee

Noa Karavan-Cohen (Founder and Director)

Jennifer Pearce (APA1777)

Pascale Raynaud (Musée du Louvre)

Smadar Timor (Mama Productions)


Proposed and organized by Artists for Public Art 1777

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